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Twilight Christmas Market this Saturday! Nov 20 2021

YARNS IN THE GARDEN - A free crafting group open to all. The focus is on crafts such as knitting, crocheting, embroidery or similar. You can come along and join others to work and learn. Bring your own project and materials or we can start you off with some knitting needles, yarn and basic instruction. Share a lovely afternoon with others, including free afternoon tea. We also encourage you to bring along surplus materials that you might like to add to a library of materials to share with others such as wool, crochet hooks, knitting needles etc.

As an added bonus one of the group members, Rosemary is a spinner and she shall be bringing her spinning wheel and is happy to let you 'have a go' and see if this is something you might like to learn more about.

The group will meet on the first and third Thursdays of each month. It is a lovely opportunity to meet new people in your community, relax and share knowledge and skills.

All events are free to members unless noted otherwise. Non members should book their ticket through Eventbrite.

Members must email the garden to secure their place. Please note that simply indicating on Facebook Events that you are going, will not secure you a place.

Event information and tickets can be found at Eventbrite via KCG Eventbrite Events or accessed via the QR code



Thurs 2nd & 16th - 1pm - Yarns in the Garden

Sat 25th - 9.30am - Heading towards zero waste by Robyn Brown - Waste is My Resource - $10

Visit Eventbrite for more information & tickets


Sat 2nd - 9.30am- Grafting Workshop with Zechy $10

Visit Eventbrite for more information & tickets

Thurs - 7th & 21st - 1pm - Yarns in the Garden

Sat 23rd - 9.30am - Composting in small garden & homes by Robyn Brown - Waste is My Resource - $10

Visit Eventbrite for more information & tickets


Thurs 4th & 18th - 1pm - Yarns in the Garden

Sat 20th - 3pm - Twilight Christmas Markets

Free family event, Christmas market stalls, food & fun (italics)


..The Garden is always doing new and interesting things.  Check our Calendar and our page at Eventbrite.

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